Blacksmith's credo

Wrought ironwork  -  I will design and forge ironwork for your
particular backyard, office or 
summerhouse and install it myself.

Sometimes my customers come to me complaining that the items available in the stores are not quite right and that they would like to order real wrought ironwork. Different items are needed – a canopy for the front door, a candle holder for the church.  On one occasion, however, a customer approached me with quite a bizarre problem. They needed a forged cross for the grave of a loved one, but several workshops had tur-ned them down- it was not profitable to make just one cross, but the customer did not need more... Forging the one cross was not a problem for me and thus we struck a deal. Some things can only be ordered directly from the smith these days.

Ladder and balcony railing
Christmas tree stands for Jaani Church