My teacher

A person who can bring new warmth to the old while understanding
new is worthy to take as a teacher.  Confucius 551 to 479 BC

Ülo Sepp, blacksmith
1925 born in Valga, South Estonia
1945 to 1951  theatrical scene design at the Tallinn State Applied Art Institute
1951 to 1965 manager at the scene decorations workshop at the Estonian Drama
Theatre, art director at the Art Cartel of the Estonian
Arts Foundation, head
designer at the Tallinn Department Store, 
professor of drawing and painting
at the Tallinn School of Light Industry

1965 started working as a blacksmith
1969 became of member of the Estonian Artists' Association, the
first exhibition of his blacksmith art at the Kadriorg Palace in Tallinn

1970 to 2005 a fruitful period of design work and blacksmithery, completed
numerous works both in Estonia and abroad. Developed 
into one of the
most masterful and innovative blacksmiths in Estonia. Was the leader
of the"New Awakening" of blacksmithery.

1973-1987 artist at the Art Cartel of Tallinn
1975 established the smithy at the Cartel ARS of the Estonian Arts Foundation
1988 established the Estonian Association of Blacksmiths, chairman 1988-1990
1989 to 1992 established the blacksmithing company ARS Sepp at the Art Cartel
ARS Monumental,  was the head designer

2005 died in Tallinn