Blacksmith's credo

Optimal - when designing something, I want to find the perfect ma-
terial for the particular purpose to make the item handy and durable.

There was quite a bit of work  to find  the  right  materials in the course of  building the barge for the River Emajõgi and Lake Peipus in the period from 2004 to 2006.  There were no barges or wreckages preserved, the old masters were gone. Rare photos, drawings and two models from the maritime museum came to the rescue.  A son of an owner of a barge shared his knowledge and brought along some ironwork  from the old barge. Still, there was little information, thus, the type of material, cross-section, dimensions, and strength of each and every metal detail of the new barge had to be carefully considered to find the best-suited options. In the case of clamps, however, trial by error was the only way out...
Iron fittings for the barge